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Saturday, March 21, 2020

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Aki Studio Theatre
585 Dundas Street East, Toronto

"A dramaturg facilitates, through supportive challenge, the fuller realization of the artist's conscious creative process, questioning to help the artist discover and fulfill the demands of an intuitive vision."

- DD Kugler (Freelance Director/Dramaturg, Educator)


CanAsian Dance's panel "Demystifying Dance Dramaturgy" intends to facilitate a conversation on the world of dramaturgy for movers and dance-makers. We value the realization of intention in choreographic work and aim to encourage the development of voices that are and will shape Canada's artistic and sociopolitical landscape. This event will feature a diverse panel of arts practitioners engaging in conversations around process-based dramaturgy with questions like, what makes a dramaturg's work potent and how to find the most effective dramaturg for an artist's particular work or creative process.  Join us for an informative discussion on dramaturgy and dance making in Canada!


Dulcinea Langfelder (Montreal)

Nina Lee Aquino

Brian Quirt

Susie Burpee

Nova Bhattacharya


Moderators:  Denise Fujiwara and Dedra McDermott

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