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Strategic Initiative

In June of 2022, CanAsian Dance announced "a year of change" where we would dedicate time to deeply consider our relationship to artists, audiences, communities and ecologies locally, nationally and internationally. The organization took a transition year to engage in spaces of imagination, deep conversation and professional consultation.


At the beginning of 2023 we embarked on a 5-month strategic initiative with two professional consultants. A total of 172 individuals contributed to the process, including 143 people who responded to an online survey, as well as 33 dancers, choreographers and arts workers who were interviewed by consultants. 


We desired to examine our contributions, our relationships to the communities of practice we serve and to learn further about communities we are not reaching. This process has helped us create an informed, relational and responsive path forward, as well as informed us of possibilities for what leadership roles and structures can look like for CanAsian Dance. 


We would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed directly and indirectly to this initiative. We hope this work will be valuable not only to CanAsian Dance, but also to other artists and organizations. 

This project was supported through the Toronto Arts Council Open Door program

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