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What We Do

As we transition  to a new co-leadership structure and sharpen the activist dimension of CanAsian  

We continue to implement the recommendations from our recent organizational review. Working collaboratively with the board, Angie and Candice will revise the organization’s vision, mission, and values.  This will help guide us on how to move forward with these programs as we co-create CanAsian Dance’s strategic plan.

CanAsian Dance has supported choreographers in the creation of dance through the commissioning, presentation and promotion of live performance inspired by Asian ideas, and the cultivation of intercultural and intergenerational knowledge exchange.  We are working towards a world where openness to exchange, as well as culture specificity in knowledge and artistic practice are not only valued but harnessed for collaborative disruption and creation.


Through KickStart, emerging and mid-career choreographers are commissioned to create new work and presented in performance.

We endeavour to cultivate choreography and performance that has a point of view, artistic rigour and freshness.  Every choreographer engages with these challenges in different ways and from different life and artistic perspectives. 

We support each choreographer’s creative process with the opportunity to work with an experienced mentor who provides perspectives, provocations and other dramaturgical activations.

KickStart is a biennial event that starts with a Call to Choreographers.  Join our mailing list to receive the notifications!

Grit: Short Dances

It takes a bit of grit under the shell of an oyster to seed the creation of a luminous pearl, and it is true grit, courage and resolve, that allows us to realize works of art. 


Grit is an opportunity for emerging choreographers to develop a very short work and perform it.  Choreographers propose a burning question or an idea they are curious about pursuing as a starting point for a very short new dance work. 

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