Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominees And Winners​

Congratulations to the following artists who were nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for their performances at CanAsian!

Peter Chin, Sriwijaya
Nominated for Outstanding Performance 2011

Natasha Bakht, Dafeena
Nominated for Outstanding Choreography 2010

Alexander MacSween, Dafeena
Nominated for Outstanding Original Sound Design/Composition 2010

Charles Hong, Joo Hyung Kim, Sosun Suh, Choonengmu 
Winner of Outstanding Sound Design/Composition 2008

Cokaseki, TooBoe – The Howl
Nominated for Outstanding Production 2007

Keiko Ninomiya and Kinya “Zulu” Tsuruyama, You See the Tree, You Don’t See the Forest
Nominated for Outstanding New Choreography, 2007

Sudarshan Belasare, Uma 
Nominated for Outstanding Performance 2007

Andrea Nann, SOURCE 
Nominated for Outstanding Dance Performance 2005

Fisherman’s Art Factory YAN-SHU, HA-SU – breath of lotus flower
Nominated for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Dance Performance 2005

Roger Sinha Danse, LOHA/Thok
Winner of Outstanding Dance Performance (Tom Casey) and nominated for Outstanding Choreography 2004

Tedd Robinson, Heroic Garb and Intimate Marching
Nominated for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Dance Performance 2001

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