call to artists

Deadline for applications: September 1, 2020

Suzanne Liska and Takako Segawa, photo by Ayaka Miwa

Mark Kunji Ikeda, photo by Citrus Photography

David Norsworthy and Justin De Luna, photo by Francesca Chudnoff  

GRIT: Short Dances

It takes a bit of grit under the shell of an oyster to seed the creation of a luminous pearl, and it is true grit, courage and resolve, that allows us to realize works of art. 


Propose something you are curious about pursuing as a starting point for a short new dance work.  Tell us a burning question or an idea, and an approach to dance-making that you feel will be generative in your research and dance-making.  (Don’t worry about describing the dance in its final form, as we expect it will evolve through your creative process.)


The Criteria

  • Propose a question or idea as a starting point for the creation of a short, 6 minute dance performance work.

  • Integrate an Asian-based idea or practice*  

  • Open to dance creators from emerging to mid-career. 

  • Open to applicants of all races and cultural backgrounds.


* ‘Asian-based ideas and practices’ are broad terms and we interpret them broadly.  Think philosophically, mathematically, astronomically, ancestrally, artisanally, geo-politically, paradigmatically, poetically, personally, behaviorally, socially, mindfully or critically.   Consider power, processes, systems, structures, stories, songs, objects, artifacts and/or actions.  Integrate with respect and perspective. 

Successful applicants will receive

  • A fee to help cover research and creation costs. (CADA rate)

  • A performance opportunity** in Toronto in spring 2021. 

  • A performance fee.   (CADA rate)

  • 6 hours of dramaturgy and a facilitated feedback session. 

  •  consideration for CanAsian’s KickStart commission and May 2022 performances.


** If physical/social distancing practices are extended in Toronto, live-performance resources will be converted to video production and on-line performance.


Submit your completed application by September 1, 2020


commission and performance opportunity for Ontario-based choreographers

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