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call to artists

Deadline for applications: September 1, 2020


Suzanne Liska and Takako Segawa, photo by Ayaka Miwa

Mark Ikeda by Citrus Photography2.jpg

Mark Kunji Ikeda, photo by Citrus Photography

David Norsworthy and Justin De Luna by F

David Norsworthy and Justin De Luna, photo by Francesca Chudnoff  

GRIT: Short Dances

It takes a bit of grit under the shell of an oyster to seed the creation of a luminous pearl, and it is true grit, courage and resolve, that allows us to realize works of art. 


Propose something you are curious about pursuing as a starting point for a short new dance work.  Tell us a burning question or an idea, and an approach to dance-making that you feel will be generative in your research and dance-making.  (Don’t worry about describing the dance in its final form, as we expect it will evolve through your creative process.)


The Criteria

  • Propose a question or idea as a starting point for the creation of a short, 6 minute dance performance work.

  • Integrate an Asian-based idea or practice*  

  • Open to dance creators from emerging to mid-career. 

  • Open to applicants of all races and cultural backgrounds.


* ‘Asian-based ideas and practices’ are broad terms and we interpret them broadly.  Think philosophically, mathematically, astronomically, ancestrally, artisanally, geo-politically, paradigmatically, poetically, personally, behaviorally, socially, mindfully or critically.   Consider power, processes, systems, structures, stories, songs, objects, artifacts and/or actions.  Integrate with respect and perspective. 

Successful applicants will receive

  • A fee to help cover research and creation costs. (CADA rate)

  • A performance opportunity** in Toronto in spring 2021. 

  • A performance fee.   (CADA rate)

  • 6 hours of dramaturgy and a facilitated feedback session. 

  •  consideration for CanAsian’s KickStart commission and May 2022 performances.


** If physical/social distancing practices are extended in Toronto, live-performance resources will be converted to video production and on-line performance.


Submit your completed application by September 1, 2020


commission and performance opportunity for Ontario-based choreographers

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