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“A triumphant celebration of Asian roots” - The Globe and Mail, 2005
Good art should satisfy on every level – emotional, spiritual, aesthetic. The two programs of the CanAsian International Dance Festival fulfilled that mandate.” - Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, February 26, 2011
“Where cultural distinctions are concerned Toronto’s biennial CanAsian International Dance Festival casts the net generously wide.” - Michael Crab, Toronto Start, February 24, 2011
“The dance evening is profoundly moving on every level – physical, visual and emotional. …This first program of CanAsian is not to be missed.” - Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, May 8, 2009
3 1/2 STARS out of 4! “Program A, repeating tonight at the Fleck Dance Theatre, has as its centrepiece a moving and quite astonishing Butoh dance, quick silver, performed by Tokyo-based performer Ko Murobushi.” - Susan Walker, Toronto Star, May 8, 2009
“The three dance pieces bring together Korean, Japanese and hybrid contemporary experiences, performed by artists of the highest caliber in their respective area of expertise. – Pure rapturous delight for an audience.” - Keith Garebian, Stage and Page Website, 2009
“…bigger and better than ever before”- Toronto Star, 2005
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