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CanAsian Dance is accepting applications for

To Be Danced

To Be Danced is a collective creative research exchange project, designed by CanAsian Dance Co-Artistic Associates Michael Caldwell and Mayumi Lashbrook. This project seeks a supportive and generative environment that seeds connection to self, space/place and others, through the development of individual process and practice. Michael and Mayumi will be joined by two participating artists, to engage in a 2-month dialogue about emergent creative practices, and physicalize ideas around identity and site-specific/responsive creation. This experience will be embodied through public sharings of research and practice. The structure of this residency project is iterative and malleable, shaped and led by collective desire, need and curiosity.


To Be Danced is a container for practicing community care, offering critical artistic feedback, and researching Asian-based movement ideas or practices*. 


* ‘Asian-based ideas and practices’ are broad terms and we interpret them liberally. We ask applicants to think philosophically, mathematically, astronomically, ancestrally, artisanally, geo-politically, paradigmatically, poetically, personally, culturally, mindfully and/or critically. We ask applicants to consider power, processes, systems, structures, stories, songs, objects, artifacts and/or actions; and for applicants to integrate these ideas with respect and perspective

What to Expect

  • Six (6) in-person meetings in Toronto, Hamilton and places between; the meeting schedule is collectively determined and will span October-December 2022.

  • Share your research and practice, in its current form, throughout the 2-month project; valuing the act of sharing (with each other, and with the public) as an integral part of creative process and practice.

  • Act as a leader and as a listener, while aiming for a lateral structure and framework. Each individual contributes to the conversation, and the existing power dynamics are named. 

  • Travel to locations in and around Toronto and the Halton region, to nurture ideas around space/place. 

  • Engage in collective conversations and work on your own, as a self-directed and as a collectively-guided experience, where research will occur between meetings. 

  • Support the allocation of a collective research budget, as a fluid model to support emergent ideas that arise through collective conversation.

  • Engage in an iterative process with ongoing dialogue, while cultivating supportive and respectful relationships with each other. 


Hopeful Outcomes

  • Connection to self/space/place

  • Questioning and honing individual creative practice

  • Building of relations through the act of sharing


Other Details to Note

  • Artist fee is a flat rate of $4,160.00 CAD.

    • 80 hours of self-directed/collectively-guided research/administrative time and six (6) 4-hour meetings.

  • A travel stipend will be provided.

  • Applications will be assessed by Mayumi and Michael;. applicants may or may not be contacted as part of the assessment process between October 3rd and 7th. 

  • Applicants will receive results by October 11th; all applicants will receive notifications of results.

  • Artists will be asked to submit photos, videos, bios, etc. to CanAsian Dance to highlight their participation in the project.

  • Documentation of any creative material generated within the project may be publicly-shared, with parameters for dissemination collectively determined by the artists as part of their creative process and practice. 

Applications must be received by 9:00 pm EST on Sunday, October 2nd. We strongly encourage application submission as early as possible, before October 2nd.


This is a unique opportunity for an intimate creative engagement, so please contact us with any questions. Mayumi and Michael are looking forward to engaging in conversation with you. 

Please message Mayumi and Michael at:

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