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New Moves: Short Digital Dance Works

Commissioned Choreographer

by Mary-Lee Brunet

Watch Answer exclusively at

CanAsian Dance Festival 25!

Program C - April 6th 2022 - 8:00 pm ET ( 5:00pm PT  |  7:00pm CT  |  9:00pm AT )

Photo of Mary-Lee Brunet by Lian Benoit



Answer is my first choreographic and visual dance piece. Treated as a collaborative work with all the artists involved, it’s a small introspection into three young women, including me, living the experience of being interracial asian adoptees in our everyday lives. We want to open the door on this subject, which is almost untouched. We have started questioning and researching our selves, our identities & emotions we can’t explain. To the answers we know, to those that remain unclear and to the answers we will never find.


Answer, from L-R: Mary-Lee Brunet, Romy Denoncourt, Meihan Carrier-Brisson

A Word

From the Dramaturg

"Working with Mary-Lee was a compelling experience that invited awareness, compassion and information towards the narrative of her work. This source, being an authentic experience in which I was uninformed, led us to work through a variety of questions which allocated a better insight and sprouted different possibilities."

 - Handy Yacinthe (Dramaturg)

The New Moves program is made possible with the generous support of TD Bank Group

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